Edge Hill University, UK

We are a research team at Edge Hill University, UK. Over a 1 week period, we'd like you to play at least 5 shooting gaming sessions, each session ideally lasting a couple of hours. During each gaming session, you'd answer a short series of web-based questions about your mental experiences when gaming. Ideally, most gaming sessions will-be multi-player (online or offline). You must play computer games on a regular basis. This job is most suitable for people who regularly play multi-player shooting games anyway: by simply answering a few minutes of questions in parallel with your regular gaming, you'd earn $15. For further information, here is the spiel from our online consent form: 'This study involves responding to questions using your touch screen smartphone via a web based application (i.e. an application hosted on the internet and thus not requiring installation on your phone). We want you to report on at least 5 shooting gaming sessions over the course of a week. For each shooting gaming session you undertake during the one week period, you will be required to use the app to indicate that you have started gaming. You will then receive prompts via the application every 60 minutes to answer short questions about your gaming and current mood/feelings. Ideally, each gaming session will last at least two hours and the majority of your gaming sessions will ideally be multi-player (online or offline). Each questioning session should take no longer than 2 minutes to complete. Responding to the questions will consume small amounts of data but you should only sign up for the study if you have generous mobile internet data plans (to avoid any unforeseen costs). You will also be required to respond to some questions about your gaming session the day after every recording session (these will be emailed to you). At the end of the one week period, you will also be asked questions about your gaming across the entire week. When you have completed the entire study, we will provide you with information about where you can seek guidance if you have concerns or questions about your gaming habits or those of others. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD AND PLAY SHOOTING GAMES ON A REGULAR BASIS TO TAKE PART IN THIS STUDY.'