Real Estate VA

Project Link & Description:

Hourly Rate: $1.00 – $4.00 per hour. Busy real estate investor/entepreneur is seeking a personal assistant to help with daily administrative tasks.  These tasks include (but are not limited to):
Performs Quick CMA and Full CMA Reports
Does Text message Follow Up for all Missed Calls on Google Voice
Researches and Prepares Mailing Lists (Unsafe Structures, Delinquent Taxes)
Updates Website with Status of Sold Properties to Pending and Sold
Confirms that all Google Voice Numbers are working properly (every Friday)
Prepares Contracts and Amendments
Sets and Confirms Appointments with Sellers and Buyers
Tracks Marketing Campaigns in Zoho
Orders Marketing Campaigns
Prepares and organizes closings
Confirms Daily Appointments
Sends SMS text Message Blast to SMS Subscribers
Adds New Subscribers (Buyers) to Email List
Processes front End Contracts
Orders Title Work
Adds Properties to Website 
Adds Properties to the MLS
Update Zoho CRM
Coordinates Closing with Buyer and Seller
Request HUD Closing Statements prior to Closing
Updates the MLS with Pending/Sold Status
Communicates with Buyer Regarding Closing 
Files all paperwork in Dropbox and keeps files organized.
Many other misc tasks.
Training is provided for the right person. To apply for this job:  
Visit the following website: and Review the content on the website so that you have an understanding of what it is that I do. So please, read the instructions carefully before applying. It is essential in our hiring process.